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I was replaying Pokemon Emerald recently and was reminded of this gem which you can actually see for yourself if you visit the island in the water near Mauville City’s bike road. spectrumv came up with the suggestion to turn this into a comic! I love how childish the original Team Magma and Aqua are, I hope that sticks in the remake.

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I don’t understand where all this ‘Twitch Plays Pokemon is back’ stuff is coming from. It never left. You guys who are saying that did. 


TPP’s first Wi-Fi Battle! 


Wanted to see if I could try getting into a fight with TPP. Couldn’t find d, but did manage to find some other people who seemed to be lookin’ for him too.

Also guys look! Senpai noticed us! 


TPP’s first wi-fi trade! 


Went online in Pokemon X to see if I could get tpp in my passerby list. In the first list there was a person saying “HI TPP” . 


I’m feeling nervous about tpp X starting tonight.

For one I’m not sure if I’ll be able to be around for it or not but I really hope I can because the only start I’ve ever missed is Red’s. I think most people did though because word didn’t really start getting out more till a couple of days in.

For two though, it seems like coverage on gaming websites and other social sites might bring a lot more people back in. People who weren’t around since Red. I wonder how that’s gonna go. I wonder how they’ll react if we somehow get wonder traded a Groudon and people start screaming KENYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA, or if we manage to catch a female Azurill and start calling it M4, or pick Squirtle from Sycamore instead of the other two and start calling it Shellock. Though I also think a lot of’em’ll drop out after we get the starter, as usual.

Tpp is still tpp. And if after red and crystal it just wasn’t for them anymore, I don’t think gen 6 will change that much. They’re probably mostly just coming to see us give commands to a real 3ds, since that’s one draw point in all those articles. Maybe some more tech stuff like a wonder trade or two and a battle. But I dunno that they’d come with us through the whole thing.

I guess we’ll see though.


so i succumbed to peer pressure and here we are
oh dear helix what have i done


so i succumbed to peer pressure and here we are

oh dear helix what have i done

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